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Clip 1 - Rig from Joe Daniel. Inspired from Chun-Li's HCF + P Attack.

Clip 2 - Rig from Kiel Figgins.

Clip 3 - A rig made by me to a game project, Gill & Gull's Skyhigh Adventure. I created one rig for both characters to speed up iteration and added the character switch to easily see if the animation worked for both characters. The rig exported to create 2 unique joint hierarchy, this was done primarily because we had a joint restriction in-game.

Clip 4 - Motion capture: Took several finished clips that I pieced together in story mode and adjusted the legs. The animations are from Mocaponline.

I'm glad to present my first showreel! I learned alot this summer and will continue to improve my fundamentals. Huge thanks for the rigs made by Kiel Figgins & Joe Daniel.

Thank you for watching!